“Unnamed Poem #1” by Jacob Sherman

Unnamed Poem #1


I now bid to enter, many-faced kin

Whose sphere is unknowable eternal.

Woe to he who invokes your wrathful sin

And praise to whomever bathes in your light.


Now give unto me your enlightened rhyme

For your song will be sung in halls of men

And may it ring until the end of time

The timeless truth,

Unforgettable hymn.


To your calling, bound shall I ever be

Might your hand guide mine, time everlasting.

Send your luminescent glow unto me

Might your strength lend to me when I am weak.

For with you, I am free.

(14 lines)


Justin’s Note: A canticle for the non-religious man. An ode to one man’s definition of love and separation. I’ve known Jake since I was too young to know better. He’s one of the greatest writers I’ve ever had the honor to meet, and this may be one of the few artistic ejaculations he may ever loose upon the world, I certainly hope I can get him to write more. You might say I did this whole thing so that the world would see his work. His unforgettable hymns.


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