“Study of a Mosquito” by Domenic Scopa

Study of a Mosquito 

A mosquito trapped in the sunporch
in May
hankers for the heaven

of sodium streetlamps
glowing yellow,
like the bells of jellyfish

hung in sun-starved waters
off the shoreline,
in a peace nothing disturbs.

Heaven must be there,
or it’s nowhere.
Earlier, in the hospital lobby,

where there are always people,
they fed,
or flew out slowly

to study prey
in the parking lot
murky with light

Their stings inescapable
as a hypodermic needle
drawing blood

in some room in the cancer ward…
This mosquito’s the shade
of soil after a downpour.

It buzzes back and forth,
as if claiming turf.
And its eyes,

when looked at closely,
sheen without character,
like oil slicks in sunshine.

It’s been here a long time
ticking against the screen door,
and waiting.
It’s midnight.
All the patients
are in their places.

(36 lines)

Justin’s Note:  Domenic is a three time pushcart nominee and he proves his poetic worth with this amazing piece.


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