“Porcelain Woman” by Hannah Westfall

Porcelain Woman

A woman of porcelain

Skin a paling tile

Laid under an antique clock

Presenting her time of death.


In a room of preparation

White skin is wiped clean

Unveiling a translucent sheet

Stretched over pale bones.


They leave her skeleton bare

But paint her cold lips

Red like a blushing maiden

Red like her spilt blood.


They wrap her in silk

A pale happy yellow

Her hair pinned to perfection

Ready for her death date.


They lay her in a coffin

Lovely in the darkness

Her cracked porcelain face

Reflecting her destination.


Taken to a cemetery,

Home for the dead

Hell for the living

A woman of porcelain is laid to rest.

(24 lines)

Justin’s Note: When I first started this journal, set up the e-mail, wrote the submissions guidelines, I was eager to read my first submission. One day while I worked, I checked my phone and saw I had an e-mail. That submission was from Hannah Westfall, and it was a single poem, Porcelain Woman.


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