News – 8/9/16

I have a lot of insights whispered to me in hushed tones from within the sanctum of The Chaotic Review to report back to you fine people of the outside world. Have the Olympics always been this boring? Or has my mindset changed so much over the last four years that certain national fixations have become somewhat pointless to me?
Go America! And god bless the rest.
We are now accepting poetry submissions again. I’m not sure why we stopped accepting them. One of my decisions made late at night that I’ve been too lazy to change.
If you’ve submitted to us in the last month or so, and still haven’t received a response, don’t worry, we’re working our hardest to catch up, and we should be back on schedule by the time our next call for submissions is up on the first of the month.
We. Yes, we should be back on schedule. I’m not saying we as in, me and the website. Not this time. I’m saying we as in The Chaotic Review has another editor! (In case you didn’t know, I ran this thing alone up until our new editor accepted my plea for help.)
Would everyone please welcome ANNA KEELER to the Chaotic Review as Assistant Editor! An absolutely fantastic writer and person, who’s skills and ability have long since risen above most other people’s. She had a fair share of poetry published here a couple months ago in this very review.
Also, Katie Manning, a great poet whose poem “The Book of Men,” appeared on the Chaotic Review a while back, has released a chapbook through Agape Editions called A Door with a Voice. It’s a collection of poems using the bible as a word bank. The Book of Men appears in the chapbook, and here’s the best part. It’s available for free download! Link below. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I have.
That’s all, for now, folks.



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